Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Watch Video: MAD MEN: Sal channels Ann Margaret, His Wife Figures out what's wrong...

The closeted and deeply repressed Sal (played by out-gay actor Bryan Batt) had a fantastically uncomfortable scene in Sunday night's MAD MEN.

In it, his wife cuddled up to him in bed and asked why he never wants to have sex.  He made a few excuses, then decided to share with her the subject of his new commercial - a Pepsi ad in the mileu of Bye Bye Birdie. Within moments, she realizes why they never have sex. Unbelievably uncomfortable as seen here:

In the premier of MAD MEN last week, Sal finally had a chance to dip his toes in the pond that dare not ripple it's name when whilst on a business trip with Don, a hotel bel hop made a special late night delivery to our little Salvatore.  Just as he was about to lose it - literally - a fire alarm sounded interupting the Sal's first gay sexual experience (at least, of which we are aware).   About a minute later, Don Draper caught a glimpse of Sal and the bel hop getting dressed from the fire escape.  Sal and Don exchanged a shocked glance. Nothing has been mentioned since (it's not like Don doesn't have an encyclopedia of things he's hiding, so I guess it's professional courtesy).

If you live in Los Angeles, I've had Bryan Batt sightings at the fabulous Show Tunes Monday at Eleven in West Hollywood. Very fun night where often rare and always fun videos are played of movie and theatre musical numbers while the entire bar sings along. And often does the choreography as well. The night starts off with a 20 minute performance by a gypsy (Broadway veteran from the chorus or touring production) which is usually fantastic.

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