Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SHOWTIME greenlights Ilene Chaiken's new lesbian series

Ever sit around watching The Real Housewives of... and just wish they had a show like that about lesbians? I know, me neither. 

But needless to say, Variety just reported that Showtime has greenlit just that, with Ilene Chaiken at the helm.

The new program is entitled The Real L Word: Los Angeles, and was brought to Chaiken by The Magical Elves production team - those folks that produce Project Runway and Top Chef.

Showtime okayed 9 episodes to be shot, so if you live in town...look out those cameras are coming! Meanwhile, Chaiken had a spinoff of The L Word called The Farm, which was shot then vetoed by Showtime. She also has been attempting to get The L Word movie off the ground, with no luck.

My only question is, is there really no one else on this god's earth that can tell lesbian stories, or does Hollywood think this woman is it?

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Anonymous said...

I think Hollywood thinks she's it. Sad for us.