Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gayest Video of the Week: Sneak Peak at this week's GLEE

It's only Tuesday, but I can pretty much announce that this is the best gay video of the week already.

Who doesn't love the gay character Kurt on GLEE?  I know, that question was ridiculously redundant since the entire show is so gay.

Here's Chris Colfier dancing to SINGLE LADIES (which I hear from someone is the best music video of all time), from tomorrow night's episode of GLEE on Fox.

Colfier is turning quickly into one of the show's favorite characters - which is funny considering he was the one that showed up to auditions with the least experience, and he didn't even land a single part on the show.  So gay show creator Ryan Murphy created a part just for him.

Good going, Ryan!


Adi said...

I find this "Single Ladies Phenomenon" interesting. So many people have tried to mimick the moves. Have you seen the version where Justin Timberlake and the real Beyonce on SNL? It may not get as big as MJ's Thriller, but still ..

I personally like the original video, with the monochromatic effect and whatnot.
(For the record - I love the semi-monochromatic effect of certain scenes in SHELTER).

Adi said...

OMG! I just watched it! The entire scene was hilarious!!! He does have talent.
Thanks for the heads up, JD!