Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top Ten Gay Stories of the Week

10.  Elton John Denied Adoption
You can't be too rich or too thin, but you can certainly be too old and too gay.

9.  Rosie O Donnell and Star Jones Team Up for New Show?
New show for these two ex-Viewers announced....then quickly denounced.  Hmmm, Barbara Walter's mafia connections at work?

8.  New Lesbian Drama Airs on Twitter
between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. 

7.  Auditions start for new Ilene Chaiken Show
Local lesbians respond to the Cattle Call for Chaiken's new reality show for Showtime, entitled The Real L Word:  Los Angeles.  Personally, I'm routing for Rachel Maddow, Martina Navratilova and Lily Tomlin to be cast....and Jodie Foster/Cyndi Bernard as the couple with kids.  And Lindsay Lohan as the new Jenny.  Now THAT ....I'd watch.

6.  Fight for marriage equality heats up in Maine.
LGBT from around the country donates to cause.

5.  Violence Against Homosexuals in the Middle East Continues
Gays captured, killed, tortured and now held for ransom.

4.  Tampa has first Openly Lesbian Police Chief
Because you know how much lesbians love uniforms!

3.  Newlywed Game Gets First Gay Couple Ever
Although, it's kinda funny that these two have been together 30 years and are still newlyweds!
George Takei and Brad Altman did get married in that brief 4 month period when gay marriage was legal in California.

2.  Openly Gay Man hosts the Emmy Awards
Visibility in the media continues with gay actor Neil Patrick Harris - tv and Broadway veteran - taking on the hosting duties this year.

1.  Next Big Hollywood Gay Film Announced
Big gay films - rare.  Philadelphia, Brokeback Mountain, Milk....and next-up a biopic about Liberace starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglas!


Eric Arvin said...

The Liberace film is so low on my expectations meter as to be moot. I'm mumore excited about A Single Man, the Christopher Isherwood adaptation.

Adi said...

I'm watching Neil now!! GREAT host! (he said no texting... haha)