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WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? with Cathy DeBuono

Hello W.Y.P Viewers,

Well, I'm off to Japan at the end of this week, I'm sure I'll fit right in there... My film "Out at the Wedding" is the closing night feature at The Tokyo Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and they have invited me to come on out and be there for it. How cool is that?! If you don't know much about "Out at the Wedding" you can check out it's webpage,, it has been racking up awards all year the latest of which is LOGO's New, Now, Next Award - Audience Choice for Best Future Feature. You can see some clips of it on my myspace page (

Anyway, saying all of that to say - this is why there is no new W.Y.P. for you this week. The good news is I'll be shooting footage of my journey in Japan and using it to create a prototype of a new online travel show that I'll be producing and co-hosting with my lovely fellow actress, Jill Bennett (In Her Line of Fire, Dante's Cove).

When I return from Japan, I will have a couple of days to recuperate before I'm back on a plane to Philidelphia to shoot "Tremble & Spark", the first of a trilogy of film noir shorts from producer Kelly Burkhardt where I will be playing detective Charlie Forest, and starring opposite Jessica Graham's (2 Minutes Later) villaness, Veronica Anderson

I plan to shoot footage there too, and aim to have new episodes of W.Y.P. ready upon my return, the second week of August. My mom and little sister plan to visit me there, and I plan to rope them into spilling their guts on camera... (insert evil laugh here). Should be fun - until next time!

Be Well,

Cathy DeBuono

Finally... "What's Your Problem?" is back with a brand new episode!

Episode 17: "Photos, Friends & Pheromones: Part II"

My Guests: artist, Kerry Krenzin
my dear friend, John W. McLaughlin

Episode 17, "Photos, Friends & Pheromones: Part II" picks up where we left off last week with Cathy and her guests - her dear friend and co-creator of their current project in development, Slate&Kelly (, John W. McLaughlin and artist/photographer Kerry Krenzin.

In part II, they get to a letter from W.Y.P viewer "hoops", who has questions about how to navigate dating when you bring mental illness and physical scars to the table.

The three out friends discuss this issue while Lucia takes a breather to deal with a tummy ache in the other room... (bad cheese?) When they decide to share their scars with us veiwers Cathy drops trou, and despite her on camera decision to edit it out... it some how makes the final cut anyway.

While the issues addressed today are certainly nothing to laugh about, Cathy and her guests find a way to keep us smiling... as usual.

If you have a question or issue you'd like Cathy to address you can email her at Please indicate what name you would like her to use when addressing your letter publicly.

For news and updates about Cathy's vlog and other projects, keep an eye on her blog at

For more information on Kerry Krenzin, go to

Episode 16:
"Photos, Friends & Pheromones"

My Guests: artist, Kerry Krenzin
my dear friend, John W. McLaughlin

Episode 16, "Photos, Friends & Pheromones" picks up the fun right where W.Y.P. left off as Cathy hang's out and has cocktails with artist, Kerry Krenzin and her dear friend and actor John W. McLaughlin.

In addition to taking on viewer letters that explore such things as disappointing your parents in order to chase your dreams, and the gay ole issue of nature vs. nurture. The three out friends also take us with them to the recent "What's Your Problem?" party at The Standard Hotel here in Hollywood where Kerry's first photography exhibit made it's debut - and a ton of fun was had by all.

cathy debuono

If you have a question or issue you'd like Cathy to address you can email her at Please indicate what name you would like her to use when addressing your letter publicly.

For more information on Kerry Krenzin, go to

For photos and dish from Cathy's WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? party last week on the Sunset Strip, hosted by lesbian party godfather Mariah Hanson of The Dinah, just click here.


In this episode, Cathy answers viewer mail and chats with comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Episode: "Chow Not So Fun"

Guest: comedian, Erin Foley

In today's episode, Cathy talks with out comedian Erin Foley, who can currently be seen on LAST COMIC STANDING.

This one, is episode 13, "Chow Not So Fun". Cathy and comedian Erin Foley spend some time hangin' out. Despite having just survived a night of "chow fun's revenge", Erin manages to join Cathy for some reminiscing about how they met playing ultimate frisbee, they answer viewer letters and fruits and vegetables come into play when Erin and Cathy examine the large size of their hands.
Lucia (Cathy's off camera buddy) asks Cathy questions about learning how to ride while she's washing the "dinah dirt" off of her bike and Cathy's neighbor Daniel shows up right on time with cocktails.

After taking on three viewer letters and having a lot of laughs, Erin takes her first motorcycle ride ever on the back of Cathy's Triumph...

For information about Erin's upcoming shows and to see video of her stand up go to

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While Cathy DeBuono is an actor, (And Then Came Lola, Out at the Wedding) she also holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and has several years experience as a Therapist. She's here now to take on your problems and deepest darkest demons...

Her video blog "What's Your Problem?" made it's debut on LOGO's in January and since then has become one of the site's most downloaded vlogs, and Cathy's mix of humor with a strong dose of heartfelt advice has won her the hearts of women of all ages around the entire world.

Nominated in LOGO's 2008 NEW, NOW, NEXT AWARDS for BEST. LESBIAN. VLOG. EVER, Cathy's "What's YOUR Problem?" will now be featured here on The Smoking Cockail.

For more information on Cathy DeBuono, go to and

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