Tuesday, June 3, 2008

APLA Fiesta Calendar Release Party with Adam Bouska

Photos courtesy of Brian Putnam Photography.

Sunday night, Fiesta Cantina hosted the 2009 Calendar release party benefitting APLA and featuring the photography of Adam Bouska.

The calendar is made possible by sponsorship from liquor companies and the models for each month are staff of the Fiesta Cantina. All proceeds from the sale of the calendars go to APLA.

There was also an auction of prints from the calendar, with bidding wars going on all around!  

There was a bevy of beauties all around, ice sculptures, tasty libations all up on the roof top.

The man of the hour Adam and I spent a good amount of time in the corner deconstructing the season finale of LOST.  By the way, those two web sites I told you about:  www.lostpedia.com  and www.thelostdiary.com.  Make sure you have an hour to kill before clicking on them!

There were four lesbians at the entire event.  I took advantage of the large number of boyz to spread my new mission:  Adopt a Lesbian.  After reading about the overwrought cliche of the "fag hag", and after many nights of too many straight girls at my beloved gay karaoke night, some of the boyz and I figured, "why not have a lesbian best friend?".  It's the new fag hag for the new century.  No one has come up with a term for it yet - and not to infringe on the sacred relationship all young teenage boys have with their straight best girlfriend - but once you grow up, find a lesbian!  I swear, we all play well together.  I, however, am not available, so don't ask. I am already serving that role to about 2654 gay men in the greater Los Angeles area.

I'm not sure where you can purchase these calendars, but I will let you know as they will make fantastic xmas presents. The models are just gorgeous (who knew so many hotties worked at Fiesta?) and the photos are fun and strangely intriguing.  Here's a taste.  For more of the calendar, and the inside scoop on the shoots visit Adam's Web Site and Blog.

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