Monday, June 9, 2008

Video and Photos from LA Pride & Parade 2008

photo by Brian Putnam, Putnam Photography

Happy Pride my Darling Homos!

Today - my video taken from our float in the parade! That's right, it's lesbio-cam.

The day started at 7:30 when my alarm went off to AM Republican talk radio (that'll get ya outta bed, won't it?)

My, my... those boys are just a-buzzing about the Obama ticket.
I just have one question: Why are all the people that call in so ... god, I don't want to say "stupid" but I seriously wonder what was the highest grade they completed in public school.

Anyway, we need to prove them all wrong and stick together as democrats.

And I needed to get dressed and get down to the West Hollywood Pride Parade and get my ass ready to ride in the parade.

Here's MOMMA pictured to the left. I always smile when I see her. She won an award at Pride for her community service (see her later this month in a huge fundraiser WHEN QUEENS COLLIDE - more details later).

Watch the following video for the highlights from the parade and party (including photos set to what my friend Bruce Daniels would call "old school faggotry music).

I was riding in the Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Congress float which consisted of a double decker bus... but as you'll see, we had a few problems.

Pictured left, it's the news... and he's gay! Hello Sean! There at 9 am sharp.

By the way, I had barely parked my car when I saw my first naked man. No kidding. Stark naked riding a bicycle.

I also ran into lgbt politicos and celebs (yes, L G T and even B!! - all together) including Senator Sheila Kuehl, Alec Mapa, John Amaechi, the new owner of The Advocate Mr Paul Colichman, plus the stars from here!, AfterEllen, LOGO and much more.

Pictured here to left, members of the Chamber... I think this was after our bus disaster.

The Chamber brings together LGBT business owners for networking, support and just all around good times.

Speaking of gay business owners, I spent most of the day at Lucia's Lucky Dog Leather booth at Pride where folks were buying fabulous collars and leashes for their pampered pooches... and their girlfriends. No, really.

Enough babble, I'm tired. Just watch the video for details. Stay tuned later for more photos from the parties over the weekend.

And here's the coverage from local Fox13 News.

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