Monday, June 2, 2008

The Academy Panel and Another Gift Bag Vlog

The Television Academy of Arts and Sciences (the folks who bring you the Emmy's) hosted a fabulous panel about lgbt folks in television.

This included an impressive showing of the creators of network shows that have a strong depiction of LGBT characters, as well as the gay networks and SHOWTIME.

The panelists included:

Robert Greenblatt (President, Entertainment, Showtime Networks) pictured left
Ant (Celebrity Fit Club)
Amanda Bearse (Married With Children, The Big Gay Sketch Show)
Alexandra Billings (ER)
Billy Crystal (Soap)
David Marshall Grant (Brothers & Sisters)
Deondray Gossett & Quincy LeNear (The DL Chronicles)
Neil G. Giuliano (President, GLAAD)
Dave Mace (VP, Logo)
Tracy Scoggins (Dante's Cove, The Colby's)
Craig Wright (Dirty Sexy Money)

Pictured here from left, Quincy LeNear/Deodray Gossett, Bruce Vilanch, Dave Mace and Candis Cayne.

Here is my GIFT BAG VLOG (I know you love those) and my recap of the evening, although I am VERY tired and probably forgot most of it already. I do seem to remember who went goo-goo, ga-ga over which dreamy panelists.

Here's part one. If there's some strange overwhelming response, I'll post the rest of my ramblings in Part 2.

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