Saturday, October 10, 2009


1) National March on Washington - October 11
Check it all out  in video and pictures here.

Then go to

2) President Obama Speaks at HRC Dinner!!
Watch the video here that is dividing the lgbt community:
He starts by stating, "I'm happy to be here tonight to open for Lady Gaga."  Obama then gives one of his usual inspirational and well-worded speeches in full support of the LGBT community.  Some say enough is enough and it's time for actions to speak louder than words.  Other say this is historical since no U.S. President has ever spoken out in office for our rights. Whatever your thoughts, people let's all remember to support each other, k?

3) It's National Gay History Month
And you must visit this site where every day they post video biographies of our gay brothers and sisters in history.  Including Cherry Jones, Alvin Alley, Rachel Maddow and more.  Brought to you by Equality Forum.  Click here and then bookmark it and share with your friends on Facebook!

4) House Passes Hate Crimes Bill
It's been 10 years in the making. Judy and Dennis Shepard have held the torch all these years, and if it passes the Senate, the president has vowed to sign it. Let's all remember Bush was against this.  Details can be read here.

4) Huffington Post Posts Worst Anti-Gay Marriage Commercials
You can watch and rate here.  It would be funny, if it weren't for the fact that some people believe this shit.

5) Gay Man to Run Walt Disney Studios
Gays running Hollywood?  My god, what will happen next? Jews in the business?
Read the LA Times Story on Rich Ross - the first gay studio head here.

6) October 11th is National Coming Out Day
The single most important thing you can do in our movement is coming out.  In a poll taken by GLAAD, the results showed the biggest reason people change their opinions on gay rights is because they know someone who is gay.  YOU MUST COME OUT TO AT LEAST ONE PERSON who does not know you're gay.  Okay?  Do what I do....just dial 411 a few times and come out to the operator.

7) October 12th is the Anniversary of the Slaying of Matthew Shepard
Shepard is the symbol of violence against homosexuals in this country.  Every month at least 5-7 LGBT people in this country are brutally/fatally attacked.  Other well known murders include Brandon Teena and Laurence King.  The Vanity Fair article in 1999 gave an in depth depiction of the Matthew Shepard slaying and can be revisited here.

8) Television Programming Depicts Positive Coming Out Stories
Thank god we've reached the day where questioning youth can see positive representations of homosexuals coming out on television (or on their little iphone devises)- this week: BBC's SKINS, Season Two and Fox's GLEE.  Also on television, gays on ABC's Modern Family and Brothers and Sisters and recent out lesbian Wanda Sykes premieres her HBO special on Oct. 10th.  As well as most of the contestants on Project Runway, and one out of every seven couples on those home redecorating/remodeling shows on HGTV.  You can catch most of these shows on HULU - so if your parents, friends, coworkers or spouse don't know you're gay, you can watch on the privacy of your laptop.  Do it immediately then proceed to step #6 on this list.

9) Another Lesbian TV Show Picked Up at Showtime
Carol Leifer - an openly lesbian comic/writer - has just sold a pitch to Showtime for a 1/2 hour, single camera comedy about a woman who divorces her husband, embraces her homosexuality then finds out she's pregnant with her ex's kid. While we're all still scratching our heads about the new Ilene Chaiken reality/lesbian program, we can all be happy about this one.  Hollywood Reporter article here.

10) Mormon Kisses Gay Man on National Television
During this week's Dancing with the Stars, there was a long, awkward fake-kiss between Donny Osmond and Bruno, the openly gay judge.

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