Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Mormons vs The Gays: New Doc on Prop 8

Check this out, and get more info at http://www.mormonproposition.com/


Ally said...

This made me cry. I cannot believe that there are people who actually HATE gays. I mean I AM a lesbian and I'm not a bad person. I don't kill anyone and I don't hurt anyone. I'll burn in hell because of my sexual orientation? God made me. If God didn't want me to be gay he would have made me a straight woman, wouldn't he?
I'm living in a country where gays can kind of marry. It doesn't mean that I'm not discriminated but there aren't people out on the streets with banner that say I'm living a sin by falling in love with a woman. I always thought that God is love and how can my love be different from the love between a man and a woman?
Being gay never felt wrong but being gay in a society that makes me feel uncomfortable feels wrong.
I would love to fight with every gay person in the US against that Prop 8. I want to change something.

ElenĂ¡ro said...

Don't cry Ally. There's no reason to. When faced with the level of stupidy that some of these people show we should smile in their faces.

Their minds are made and they will die with those ideas. There's nothing anyone can do to change that.

What we can do is talk to those who are either misinformed or misguided by some of these fellows (not just mormons of course). We can inform them and show them what's like to be gay. Show them that the difference between being straight, bissexual or gay is just who we choose to love.

The rest... Just forget them. Their lies will eventualy die out. Then they'll have nothing. And guess what? Gays will still be around when that happens.

The problem with homosexuality is something that the three biggest monotheist religions (Judaism, Christianism and Islamism) and their derivatives created. If you look at the history books will even see some non-christian or non-jewish or non-islamic cultures celebrating homosexuality.

The basis for modern western cultures, the ancient Greek and Roman world either embraced or simply didn't even cared about homosexuality.

So there's really no reason to cry. Their ideas will be gone and homosexuality won't ever be gone.

In anycase, my hopes are with those over there in America that fight for what's right. And that's equality, not senseless discrimination.