Thursday, August 13, 2009

Watch Video: Jon Stewart on Angry Mobs and Healthcare

If anyone's seen Fritz Lang's FURY, that film would give you a fairly accurate assessment of the current rage at America's Town Hall Meetings regarding the President's Health Care Reform plans.

The news coverage of these have been rivaling reality shows on VH-1 lately for embarrassing outbursts that depict a prehistoric brain function and screaming that hasn't been seen since Jerry Springer.

The Town Halls were originally planned to assuage citizen's concerns with the transition by the government to a new health care system.  The wrench got tossed into the plot by Republican pundits like Glenn Beck, who incited his base into crashing local town halls with their souls enraged by fear and a good measure of pressure on racist nerves to boot.

Here's some clips and Stewart's take - which is humorous and accurate.

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