Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Wednesday....

Did anyone else have a "mercury in retrograde" week? You know what I mean, when annoying little things go wrong in a high volume? Like twitter and blogger go down, and there are an unusual amount of accidents on the roads, and you pick the wrong line at the grocery store, and basic electronic equipment crashes, and people are just cranky in general?

Since Mercury doesn't go into retrograde until next month, I figured out this has to be from all the bad energy in this country being generated by those "town hall meetings". Way too many bad, negative vibes out there. What the world needs now, God Damnit, is fucking love, sweet love, mother fuckers!

That being said, if you're in LA, come out to my monthly mixer this upcoming Wednesday night and we can all attempt to add some positive, happy energy back into the world.

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