Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are You Ready for MAD MEN tonight? Your Primer, cocktail recipes and more...

Are you ready for the season premier of MAD MEN tonight on AMC?

To get you ready, I've pulled together some must haves. One is a gigantic HD tv. The second is your favorite group of smokers and drinkers.

And then there's the cocktails!

Visit this AMC MAD MEN SITE to get your cocktail recipes.

Or just following the recipe suggested in the photo at left.

MAD MEN has had a large gay following mainly because of the glorious costumes, tasty-yummy production design, the high drama and the decadence of smoking & drinking at work. There's even a Clark Kent/Superman hidden-identity factor with the main character Donald Draper not being what he seems. The idea of living one's life as one thing in the public, yet knowing you are something else inside is familiar ground for LGBT people.

If you haven't seen this show yet, take a gander at this teaser trailer - and if you're gay, tell me this doesn't seem like just another Friday night at a gay bar - only with better production design and set in 1960.

The show also boasts a strong supporting female cast of women who had to endure "a man's world". These women get ahead - or try to - living in a man's world, where they are considered second class citizens and sex objects.

The show even has it's own closeted character, Sal, played by out-actor Bryan Bratt.

Here's a deliciously lesbian moment from Season One:


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