Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watch Video: Channing Tatum takes it all off at Florida Strip Show

Hottie beefcake Channing Tatum - star of this past weekend's box office winner GI JOE - just had a rather lovely video of himself in a Chippendale-Esque male strip review published by that pinnacle of long, in-depth, journalistic articles US WEEKLY (remember when their articles were a few pages, then all the articles were only a page, then now just a box?).

In this video, Tatum dances, takes off his clothes and shows his ass.

All things his gay audience applauds and respects.

I'm just going to put up the video now since the minute I said "shows his ass", you probably lost all interest in reading any more type.

First of all, explain to me the big deal about a person having a job and earning an honest living? 
Another question I have is: why do all the famous people with pasts in strip shows happen in Florida (note: Anna Nicole Smith). 

Also, isn't this a G rated version of getting publicity, as opposed to all the "sex tapes" going around? 

Also, he has a nice ass, right?  So hard to tell with boys.

If you've ever been to one of these male strip shows (as I have since I have lived in Florida, clearly the hallmark of strip joints and not just poor presidential voting processes), they are so innocuous, a shaker of salt is more provocative.

US Weekly notes Tatum was in this male review called ENCOUNTERS in 1999. He was 18 at the time and worked there a year. Us also reports he was discovered by a casting director at this review and cast in the Ricky Martin SHE BANGS music video.

Tatum went on to model in campaigns for Dolce and Gabana, Abercrombie and Nautica.

I'm a fan of Tatum's and predict/hope he goes on to big screen stardom. I've been forced to watch his work under my own work circumstances and found that he is not only very handsome, he can also dance (I was shocked) and he can also act (also shocked). If you'd like to see his hoof action, check out STEP UP, and if you'd like to see some acting chops, check out A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS and STOP-LOSS (from the director of BOYS DON'T CRY).

Other famous models that have gone successfully into acting include the obvious comparison Mark aka Markie Mark Walhberg, along with Milla Jovovich, Lauren Hutton, Josh Holloway, Brooke Shields, Liv Tyler, Andie McDowell, Famke Jansen and Ashton Kutcher.

A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS is really an interesting film and although not spectacular, worth a watch. It includes stellar performances by Shia LaBouf, Robert Downey Jr, Rosario Dawson, Melonie Diaz and Dianne Weist.

Tatum can be seen in the following films:

Step Up
Battle in Seattle
She's the Man
Guide to Recognizing Your Saints


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