Thursday, May 8, 2008

Okay, I'm finally going to do it...

Okay, I've been debating this for a while, but I'm finally going to do it. Seriously, I'm going to finally - I can't believe I'm actually saying this at the age of 42 - but I'm going to start cooking for the animals.

The pathetic state of the dog and cat food industry was brought to everyone's attention last year during the pet food recall, where thousands of domestic animals in America suffered kidney failure due to a protein additive from China. Meanwhile, it's not like I haven't seen the "making of dog food" on PBS and the internet, and really, it's enough to turn your stomach.

On the flip side, I've had animals my whole life and they've alway eatten the crap from bags. My childhood dog and cat both lived to be 21. Although come to think of it, when they did die, it was of kidney failure and the last five years of my dog's life, my mom made her food from a vet's recipe.

Anyway, I've already started mixing carrots, flax and oatmeal into Charlie's food and I guess I'll get the vitamins and recipes and be cooking a week's supply every Sunday night.

Okay, that's off my chest. Now onto gay news.

Last night, as always, was the best night of gay in Los Angeles at the Gays R Us at the Hollywood Improv. I laughed so hard, my face and stomach actually hurt!Cortney Jackson from IN MAGAZINE with writer Kid Rock Barnes and Jenny enjoying drinks and conversation after the show.
Me with Jason Dudey whose bit about his mom is absolutely hysterical.

Comics Jennie McNulty and Erin Foley. Erin regailed us afterwards with tales from her appearance on LAST COMIC STANDING - so look for that later this year. In addition to performing in P TOWN, Jennie can also be seen on LOGO and has performed for the troops in Iraq under the lesbian exchange program.

Joey with Page Hurwitz. She killed. I especially loved a bit she did that I had seen before. During the writer's strike, she couldn't (wouldn't) write anything for her shows so she just read letters to the editor from the OLIVIA lesbo cruise line site. HYSTERICAL.

After the show we all piled into the bar of course to drink and chat. Biggest topic: Will Hillary withdraw.

Meanwhile, on this past Sunday I went to the Instinct Magazine's 10th Year Anniversary Party at the Standard.
The Lair's David Moretti and Brian Nolan, with Outfest's Jeff Mack who is afflicted with that disease many gays over 30 have in LA - refusing to smile so wrinkes won't show.

Me with two of the Janice Dickeson models from the fashion show. They were both in SHELTER!

Hot guy soup. All the models jumped in the pool. Some were nice enough to take their skippy little trunks off before doing so.
I watched the fashion show with these guys - cover boy Brandon, Ant and Ross.
Dominick was afraid I'd show his penis, so he's covering it. Maybe you recognize him from all the SHELTER photos?
Management telling them they can't be naked in the pool and making them put trunks on.
The guy receiving I guess is Marc Jacob's boyfriend. This is right after they forced him to put clothes on.

There was a room on the bottom floor with a video of a cat running for hours. Ant said it was probably tweekers, but one other man queeried, "Is that the lesbian VIP room?"

Poppy and I with Mr. Jones from Instinct.

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