Sunday, May 4, 2008

How much fashion, charity, free liquor and hot women can one lesbian diarist take?

Dear God, I'm actually falling behind in my coverage of the hot, hip, charitable and gay in LA. 

Tune in tomorrow when I'll have full coverage, photos, video and snark from:

The Liberty Hill Foundation Fundraiser at the Hyat Regency Century City
Highlights - Is Sherry Lansing gay?
I saw JJ Abrams but didn't get to ask him why there are no gays on LOST.

The LA Gay & Lesbian Center's WOMEN'S NIGHT
Sharon Stone raises money
Fashion, Lesbians, Drinks, Politics, Charity, Boobs

INSTINCT's party at the Standard
It's in three hours, I"ll let you know how that goes.
Plus I'm having another Jason and JD show vlog later today with guest comedians Michelle Balan and Poppy Champlin.  I strongly suspect I won't get a word in edgewise.

Tune in tomorrow for all, darlings.


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