Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Good Week for Celebrating the gay in LA


There was so much lgbt merriment of the celebratory and fundraising kind last week, I'm actually still recovering.

Without further ado, I'm going to dive into the recaps. Today will be All That Was Women's Night. Tune in for coverage of the Instinct 10 Year Anniversary Party and the wonderful Liberty Hill Foundation Fundraiser later today or tomorrow.

Here's the video from the night. Be forewarned, there are ALOT of lesbians. It includes the live auction with Sharon Stone heading up a team including Suzanne Westenhoefer, Jane Lynch, Susan Feniger, Bridget McManus, Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett.

This video is brought to you by the LA Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

And the following is my vlog recap of the event, shot the following day poolside at The Standard with lesbian comics Poppy Champlin and Michele Balan (Last Comic Standing). That's right, three women over 40 at the Instinct Magazine party (read as surrounded by hot twenty year old gay boys...that blog entry to come soon). If you want east coast snark about Women's Night, here it is.

We dish about Sharon Stone, my breasts, Tig, Linda Perry, the history of the Henry Fonda theatre and call Jason Stuart a fag a few times (that's because he tried to crash our vlog!!!)

The event was held at the history Henry Fonda Theatre which is on Hollywood Boulevard and was built in 1926.

If you watched my vlog about the event (above) then you heard me dish a bit about the history of the place - like famous lesbian Barbara Stanwick used to party there!

So above are a few photos of the theatre from it's golden days.

LACE AWARD VIDEO: Part one: Susan Russell

If you'd like to be inspired and see the kind of change one can make in the world, watch this.

I'll be uploading the rest of the LACE AWARD WINNERS this week.

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