Sunday, September 2, 2007


So Friday morning was our attempted take over of the airwaves by the lesbians. Make note: don't plan any sort of coup d'etat before noon. Especially if the night before was spent at East/West drinking champaigne to all hours on lesbian night in West Hollywood. I wasn't awake enough to take over a cup of coffee, much less a radio network.

I was really hoping to prove Bill O'Reilly right - that there were these dangerous, violent lesbian gangs. But needless to say, I'm not sure we really got it all together. Intelligent discourse, witty humour and a dialogue about chicken advocacy and gay rights... yeah, we didn't really take to the streets with our "pink pistols" as Mr O'Reilly proported.

A clip to listen to whilst you read this blog:

Although we didn't manage to reach gang heights, we did have two wonderful guests. Mariah Hanson dished about The Dinah Shore Weekend... all the fun, frolic and inside secrets. Then the talented writer/director Katherine Brooks talked about making LOVING ANNABELLE and her upcoming film WAKING MADISON, as well as dishing about Catholic School and her stint directing reality tv.

Above photo is our host, Ms Doria Biddle talking about her favorite subject: breasts.

Uber lesbian event Producer, Mariah Hanson.

I love when Doria likened The Dinah Shore weekend to some Bacchanal, at which point we all digressed into a deconstruction of Greek myth and characters and concluded that there was "Tranny Bashing" even in ancient times.

Katherine is making a video blog of the making of WAKING MADISON, so here's the video she shot of her interview.

My favorite part has to be when Doria calls Catholic School Girl outfits "ripe".

Here's a shot of LOVING ANNABELLE

Here is that freak Bill O Reilly's whole diatribe on lesbian gangs and GLAAD's response:

Bill O Reilly has really inspired me. I want to start my own lesbian gang here in Los Angeles. I love the idea of all us dykes walking down the streets to the music and singing, "When you're a dyke, you're a dyke all the way, from your first flannel shirt to your last processing every little topic until all hours of the night and day" (snap fingers, high kick)

And don't you just love the dramatic way Bill says "PACK OF LESBIANS". Darling, we don't travel in "packs". The correct term for a group of lesbians is "pride". Duh.

Dear god, would somebody book me on that show. I want to chew O'Reilly down to his fucking ankles, and spit him out like the rancid olive pit he is. I take it back. I love olives. Olives are gorgeous, beautiful things and should in no way be associated with anything on Fox news.

Katherine and I also spoke about chicken advocacy, much to Doria's dismay. Here is Ira Glass on David Letterman talking about us crazy chicken advocates. It's hysterical!!!

Check back tomorrow when I post clips from the interviews. And thank you to our two wonderful guests! You guys rock!

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