Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Advocate Turns 40

You'll notice a rare dearth of pithy comments in today's post because...well, to quote one of my favorite movies...."Not now dear, Auntie Mame is hung." (and to further quote it, I did wake up today as the sun bore down on me and said, "My that moon's bright.")

What a party indeed. Anyone who is anyone was out to help celebrate the Advocate's 40th Anniversary.

I asked Anne Stockwell, the editor in chief, why the pinnacle gay magazine isn't gay enough to start lying about it's age like the rest of us. "29 and holding" as we all say in West Hollywood.

Needless to say, I didn't mean to get "tanked" last night...but they pour the vodka HARD and since I am a veg, there was no food for me there last night!!!!

Anyway, let the pictures tell a thousand words....

Here is my favorite director, Jonah Markowitz and I last night.

Okay, so I haven't written in a while about our film, SHELTER, because I don't like to brag...but in the next few weeks I will post all our reviews and list the festivals across the world that will be playing it.

We're laughing in this photo because today....we are driving up to Fresno. No, not to wander around in a daze looking for Celestia (although the way I feel today, that might still happen)...we are Opening Night at the Fresno Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

I can't imagine what'll happen there, but I will blog about it tomorrow.

By the way, if you don't know SHELTER... that is the film I produced which Jonah wrote and directed and I swear to you.... this is the best gay film you will ever see!!!!*

How's that for self promotion?

*marginially kidding. But I think you'll really, really like it.

See you at the movies.....

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