Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lady Gaga & Adam Lambert - WITHOUT Make Up

I'm continually fascinated by this recent (and at my age when I say "recent" I mean the last 5 years) trend of recording artists needing to be all made up in ridiculous amounts of eyeliner and crazy outfits in order to be stars.

Is this like with animals in the wild when they have to make themselves be bigger to scare away predators?

Case in point - Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. To my old, amateur ears, they both can carry a tune very well.

Then why all the theatrics?
It came to mind last night when I heard some singer at a gay club and thought, "That's a lovely voice, why isn't she famous?" I mean, I figured record companies would jump on a singer who can sing in-tune since absolutely none of the performers at the Grammy's- except PINK - did (maybe being upside down helps one stay in key?).

So I did a quick search for pop star Lady Gaga to see what little miss looked like before she hit it big (especially since I kinda couldn't get this thought outta my head since hearing POKER FACE like ten thousand times on that Sweet Cruise).

Then I wondered - would she have become a star just singing well and playing the piano looking like she did in the below prom photo?

La Ga, picture: at the prom, recently without make up, her high school yearbook photo, and in her stardom.

Could someone please explain to me why stars have to have crazy hair and crazy make up to sell records? It seems like for anyone to make it these days selling music, they need to make a spectacle of themselves.

All I can say is it's fortunate Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra had their heyday when they did, or else they would have NEVER become stars.

La Lambert, pictured, high school photo, singing at his graduation, almost famous, then totally famous and at the point where I want to stick a bowl over his head to cut his HAIR

I guess as the old saying goes, "Ya gotta have a gimmick". I wonder if these two would have made an impression without all the glam.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading this posting. It reminded me of a date I had once to a Pink/Justin Timberlake concert. Pink was also amazing (as at the Grammy’s) and everyone was dancing in their seats… with the exception of my tree date standing there like a log. I thought, “My God, if you can’t hear her voice; can’t you see how f-ing unbelievable this is?” Apparently not. But it made me think, the outfits wake up those who are unable to hear... with the exception of tree dates.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you haven't noticed: the make-up and the clothes are part of the show. Gaga tries to create real art, with music and performance. She doesn't dress up because she wants to sell more songs, but because it goes with the kind of feeling you get when you listen to them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to defend any of these artists but the make-up and crazy outfits in music is NOTHING new. Elton John, David Bowie, Almost every metal band from the 80's especially glam rock, the whole nu-wave scene, Madonna. Thinks about some of the outrageous outfits any of these people wear and suddenly Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert seem like they're just following a trend that's been going on for over a quarter of a century...