Thursday, February 11, 2010

Desperate Housewives gets a Lesbian Storyline

I wondered where Julie Benz was going to show up after her climatic demise on last season's final bloody episode of DEXTER - especially after seeing her drunken tirade on E!'s The Soup immediately following (check out the clip of that below) where she seemed less than happy about being axed from the popular Showtime program since now she lost a job and is trying to avoid "taking your order at Wahoo Fish Tacos."

Well, she landed on Desperate Housewives playing Robin - a stripper with a heart of gold who gets close to one of the housewives. Her original 3 episode commitment was recently extended to 6 episodes and the powers that be at the show guarantee this will be a juicy, lesbian storyline and not just a girl-kisses-girl spectacle for sweeps. Wait, isn't February one of the sweeps months?

Either way, those of us that have been waiting for a good storyline on the show, er, I mean for Dana Delany, this could be it. I've been waiting for her triumphant return to the screen since being beyond a huge fan of CHINA BEACH - remember that show and her Emmy winning performances?

There was so much hubub around town when it was announced that there would be a gay couple on the block (especially amongst all my out gay actor friends, who all auditioned!), but we were all pretty disappointed when they were relegated to basically 'atmosphere' on Wysteria Lane. So it'll be interesting to see, and worth TIVOing it, to see if out gay show runner Marc Cherry delivers on his Sapphic promises.

I met Ms Delany during the entire Prop 8 debacle when she appeared at the big LOVE HONOR CHERISH fundraiser at The Standard, so we know she is a supporter of things LGBT. She also appeared in director Liz Lachman's hysterical short lesbian film GETTING TO KNOW YOU.

Here's the clip from the Soup.

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Susan Gabriel said...

It's great to see such a hit series as Desperate Housewives develop a lesbian theme. I've never watched the show regularly, but I tuned in this week to see the plot develop between Katherine and Robin.

My novel, Seeking Sara Summers, has a very similar storyline: a woman unhappy with her marriage and searching for a more authentic life, who never considered "barking up that tree," now considers expanding her universe!

Susan Gabriel