Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lifeworks Mentoring and Top Comics - Hilarity Ensues


I have to say you have heard less from me in the previous weeks because I am tattered and frazzled from the side effects of my inability to say "no". One thing I'll never say "no" to is Lifeworks Mentoring, which is one of my absolute favorite organizations in Los Angeles, as they work with LGBT youth. 

Their programs are outstanding, and the teenagers involved are just lovely, and you know I believe us older gays have a responsibility to be role models and reach out to the younger folks to hopefully save them from all the bullshit we had to endure.

Anyway, I dragged my tired-ass self last night to the Lifeworks Laugh Out Loud Fundraiser and had the time of my life. It was sold out (congrats you guys), packed to the rafters with just the most sensational people, and there was a stellar line up of the best and brightest in LGBT comedy. All were at the top of their game and the crowd went so wild I'm surprised we didn't show up on the richter scale. There was also a huge show of support from celebs who attended including Peter Paige, Alexandra Paul, Billy Masters, Doug Spearman, Guinevere Turner and more! Well, take a look at the photos and you'll get the gist.

I could not be more smitten with anyone as I am with the hostess of the evening, Miss Coco Peru. She opened the show with her usual mix of Bronx humour, gay rights snark and exceptional gracefulness. I fell hard for this one a few years back after seeing a series of her one woman shows. Miss Coco has a grasp of storytelling like few do - she weaves interesting tales of her gay experience with gut-splitting humour one moment, and incredible pathos the next that so beautifully encapsulates all our lgbt experiences and leaves one feeling quite empowered.

Next up was the hysterical Tony Tripoli who I find myself strangely attracted to, but I sense it is merely the narcissistically motivated attraction I have to gray hair. He regaled us with tales of the gay cruises noting, "This ain't the place to TRY anal. This isn't a training ground. No one is going to spoon you afterwards. Here they'll toss your speedo back in your face then walk away with 'I'll see you at the buffet'".

Alec Mapa also did an absolutely laugh out loud energetic depiction of his last gay cruise noting, "If you hung a giant black light over that ship it would look like an albino Jackson Pollock painting." He also shared his hilarious take on White Party last year as a first time attendee.

Judy Tenuto was the token straight, and has not lost her edge at all, teasing the audience and holding her trademark accordion.

There was only one lesbian in the line up but that was all you needed with Sandra Valls who absolutely brought the house down!! By the way, she is performing at Gays R Us at the Impov next Wednesday and I am telling you...I'll be there! She started by rebuffing the advances of a bicurious woman in the front row, then launching into her early experiences of being a lesbian by crushing out on Mary Anne on Gilligand's Island, "I woulda traded in ALL my GI Joes for a taste of her coconut cream pie."

Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall did a performance piece as a Mormon housewife with a gay son, which included a musical number.

Jason Stuart started his act by warning, "I'm gay and a Jew so I'm a little biter" then tore the house down with his impersonation of an American Idol contestant in the final week. He also did a great bit on gay rights and urged the straights across the country, "If you'd only let us get married to each other, we'd stop marrying you!"

As a whole, I laughed so much I actually was crying! I didn't have a cocktail all night, and left that theatre absolutely high.

Please, folks, join in the economic stimulus for the gays by visiting this site and making a donation -

And if you need any motivation about giving back to our lgbt youth at all, please take a look at this absolutely moving video of a 17 year old addressing the court in Vermont on gay marriage. Seriously, these are our youth, and they need us!  He talks about the boys in the gym picking on him, and why he thinks gay people should have all equal rights and speaks on behalf of lgbtq youth:  

"How am I supposed to feel accepted when the best I can have is a civil union in some states?  How am I supposed to overcome the nagging feeling that I am inferior.  I have to remind myself every day that I am worth nothing less than my heterosexual friends."

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this kid is terrific. not so sure about the woman on his "screen left" who is clearly having NONE of this!