Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fusion - Opening Night Photos and Dish - Sold Out Audience, Huge Hit!!

Hello kittens,

Well after the homage to the pinball scene in The Accused which were the Oral Arguments to Overturn Prop 8 on Thursday, it was time for me to go be amongst my lgbt brothers and sisters, and FUSION's Opening Night was a wonderful celebration of all that is brilliant and fabulous about us 'mos. While we're on the subject, Fuck you Ken Starr and James Dobson.

Here's some photos from the wonderful evening at the Egyptian. By the way, buy your tickets for the Closing Night now before they too sell out!

A few reasons to attend Fusion:

1) The best shorts and features, docs and narratives, that make you actually FEEL GOOD about being gay and/or make you think about our LGBT struggles.

2) You meet some pretty kick ass film makers - people not afraid to tell the stories of our lives, who are extremely creative and thoughtful.

3) You also run into many LGBT activists and can get the dish on the latest in all areas of the LGBT movement

4) Fun. Dancing the catwalk last night was truly off the hook. Food was fantastic and I truly enjoyed my Key Lime Soda from the free bar.

5) Fashion - if I can be shallow, I always love an excuse to get dressed up and go out and see who looks spectacular on the pink carpet.

6) Making new friends - really, at this point I can't believe there are homosexuals in this town I don't know, but there are and I'm determined to meet them!

See you today and tonight at FUSION!!!

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Anonymous said...

JD: This special day not just today but always. Happy Women's Day.
JD , que éste día especial no sea sólo hoy, sino siempre. Felíz día de la mujer.