Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ribbon of Hope and Gay Film Shoot

Hello darlings. Well, since I've been accused lately of having a "Homosexual Agenda" by those pesky right wing Catholics, I'd just like to respond by saying, "Yes. You are right. I have an agenda."

Here is an average agenda for JD.

Saturday, December 1st. 3:30 am.

Start rehearsals for a GAY GAY GAY short film that will hopefully convert our young and ruin the sanctity of marriage in America:

Here I am with co-conspirator, writer/director Nic Wauters. Now, I know this goes without saying, but you realize we are usually a lot more devastatingly attractive but please harken back to the key phrase in the previous paragraph: CALL TIME 3:30 am!!!

Should I worry when the gaffer grabs her head like that? DP John on right and writer/director Nic Wauters in back on left.

Our fabulous 1st AD Jen with Elliot looking on.

Some of our wonderful leads.

An appropriate ray of angelic light glows on our wonderful art director, John Cleland.

4:40 pm, leave set and head home. Next on the agenda was attending a benefit that honors people who are trying to make a difference in the HIV/AIDS pandemic. I took a quick shower and applied at least ten layers of make up then headed off the the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the 12th Annual Ribbon of Hope Celebration at 6:30 pm.

I was greeted at the door by two friendly and beautiful faces, Ross and Mark who said what they usually say to me, "Oh god, who invited her? Security!"

Fortunately, Matt Freeman approached and pulled me from the front entrance and directed me to the secret, back VIP area. Matt was our studio Producer on SHELTER, fyi. And certainly this evening was a big, here! family reunion since it was being produced for broadcast by the gay cable net.

Passing the press line, I caught CEO of here! Paul Colichman with the gorgeous cast of DANTE'S COVE.

I also spotted one of my favorite actors, a great humanitarian and a dear friend of mine for 8 months, Mr Wilson Cruz.

Director Bill Duke with Quincy & Deondray of The DL Chronicles.

Matt and Charlie.

Linda Fusco and Michelle Wolff, who are not only gorgeous but have the quality I admire most in women - the ability to cook WELL. I love a woman who knows what to do with a clove of garlic, I tell ya!

Dylan Vox from The Lair and Mr Gay Hollywood Nightlife Tony Miros.

The ceremony was absolutely wonderful, if not a little depressing. Awards were given to television programs that educated and informed on the AIDS pandemic. This is so important in recent years since this whole disease has all but disappeared from the public consciousness, yet it is still a horrible world crisis. The show opened with presenters Jasmine Guy and Michelle Nichols (UHURA FROM STAR TREK!!!!).

Presenter Wilson Cruz with Judy Tenuto.

I got quite an education this night on the current state of AIDS in the world. I had no idea the statistics of affected Americans in the Latino and African American communities.

The clips from the honored shows were just sensational. It really touches me that they are people out there that go out of their way to try to help because that can't be easy to do.

The honored shows included:

3 Needles, SHOWTIME: A film that goes behind the lives of three people living in China, Canada and South Africa coping with HIV.

106 & Park, BET. This was a really great show because it's demographics are so huge, and the clips were in-your-face educational and star studded. This is BET's popular music countdown show and in this episode, Alicia Keys, Fantasia and other stars along with health experts and women living with HIV/AIDS provided important information on HIV testing and prevention.

Ashley Judd and YouthAIDS on TLC: A wonderful yet sad but still inspiring one hour documentary with Ashley and Salma Hayek who tour Central American visiting those affected by the disease.

IN THE LIFE, PBS - In my opinion this program should win every awards all the time (Are you listening GLAAD?). For 15 years this PBS news/magazine show has covered all areas of LGBT arena. It started way before LOGO and here! and has been in broadcast to a huge audience both national and international sine 1992.

Girl, Positive - Lifetime: This tv movie stars Andrea Bowen from Desperate Housewives as a teenager diagnosed with the HIV virus.

here! Focus on HIV/AIDS - This is a series of informational pieces about all the organizations that deal with, educated or provide medical support for HIV/AIDS and clips from this can be seen on their web site: here! tv web site

Life Support - HBO - This movie would not have been made but for the tenacity of it's producer and the big name stars that came on board. Queen Latifah plays the title character in the real life tale of Ana Wallace, who channelled her energy and regret over her past drug additions to working for Life Support, an AIDS outreach group.

At the after party, Michael, Brad and Brian Nolan (from THE LAIR)

Me and LK.

Next on the agenda, go home, take care of the pack of wild animals then sleep for a few hours. Then back to set for a full day of shooting on the gay gay gay film that will hopefully corrupt the youth of America and bring down the sanctity of marriage. The call time was 3 am.

(set photos by Tony DiMaio)

What's come to be expected in a JD produced film: very nice looking men:

All our leads (yes, that's how many leads we had in this short) with producer and writer/director in middle:

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