Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vote for your Favorite Apology: The Pope, Jesse James or Tiger Woods

There's been a lot of "official apologies" lately, and I'm curious as to whether the public is buying these, so I'm having an informal poll today in the side bar.
The entire nature of the apology itself, is to acknowledge we are human and that we make mistakes, and that we are intrinsically wired to learn from said mistakes. The apology shows this, and offers compassion and regret to those we have hurt. The first step in redemption, as it were, as is supported in most religions whether you're talking about karma or hell.
But you throw in power and ego, and the apology isn't really sincere. The purpose of this kind of apology is to consciously sway what YOU think as to protect the ego and/or power of the person or entity that wronged.
That's when you cue lawyers, politicians and PR people. Woods' apology reeked of preparation from a team who probably all get a cut of his millions potentially earned from sponsors. The Vatican as a city and corporation both, has the most money of anyone on earth and wield extensive power and control over people across every continent.
Here's some links to their apologies, and let me know what you think in the side bar. (ps: I didn't include any recent apologies from American politicians because they are in nature just complete bullshit, and that seem obvious).

Pope responds to on going cover ups of sexual abuse by priests in Ireland. Read Pope's Apology here: Pastoral Apology.

Jesse James cheats on Sandra Bullock, she moves out. Read Jesse James apology here.

Tiger Woods, cheats with numerous women for year. Read Tiger Woods apology here.

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