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America's Top Lesbian Comics Put Their Hysterical Spin on This Year's DINAH SHORE WEEKEND

Get all the inside dish and details on Dinah Shore Weekend from America's funniest out comediennes: Suzanne Westenhoefer, Bridget McManus, Jennie McNulty, Gloria Bigelow and Sandra Valls in this hysterical sneak preview of this year's biggest sapphic event in the universe.
(ps: All these comics will be performing at The Dinah this year!)

1) When was your first Dinah?
Oh jeez, I've blocked it out. I'm pretty sure there was a group fight and I got locked out of my hotel room.

2) What are you looking forward to the most about Dinah Shore this year?
Salt-N-Pepa's performance. I'm hoping they will scan the audience for spontaneous backup dancers and I'll be chosen from the crowd.

3) What is the scariest thing that's happened to you during Dinah Shore weekend?
While racing to a Dinah event I hastily parked my jeep in a sand lot and it got stuck. My friend scared me by saying it was the axle and it would cost a ton of money to get it fixed. Lucky my jeep was fine and it only cost me $200 to tow it out of the sand.

4) Name one little known fact about Dinah Shore Weekend:
Few people know this but Dinah Shore weekend is "supposed" to be about golfing and NOT about being a drunken whore.

5) What's the most shocking or absurd thing you've ever seen during Dinah Shore Weekend?
A bunch of burly drunken straight men hitting on my lesbian friends. Let's just say I took care of it, with a little help from hotel security.

McManus stars in her own show
Bridget McManus Presents: That Time of The Month, premiering on the LOGO television network in April 2010. McManus also hosted LOGO's comedy show, Brunch with Bridget, The Jam, a self-help show on, The 9th Annual Power Premiere, and The Stonewall Inn's 40th Anniversary Benefit.

She has also graced the cover of CURVE Magazine's "America's Funniest Lesbian" issue, ranking third in their national poll, and she won LOGO's 2008 NewNowNext Award for "Best Lesbian Vlog Ever."


My first Dinah was 1993. ( I was twenty...LOL)

When I host the comedy show this year it will be my 12th time- I have never been there as just a person, always had a show...

This year I am looking forward to watching Meredith Baxter's face when she realizes everyone loves her as she is doing the Fashion show.

Being stuck in an elevator with two girls making out. Okay not scarey so much as sad.....

Little known fact about Dinah weekend? If you pick up a golf shoe and put it to your ear you can hear the poolside chatter of lesbians from years gone's like radio waves...

Most shocking thing? I would have to say during a celesbian golf tourny a few years plaid pants and an orange belt. That's not golf fashion, that's LSD fashion...
sorry if that was you Mariah....oh heck, it may have been Mariah....

Suzanne was the first openly lesbian comedian to appear on Comedy Central, A&E, HBO and “Late Night with David Letterman.”


My first Dinah was ....about 6 years ago, I think. I went with my then girlfriend and a bunch of teammates and we all piled in one room. Don't tell Mariah.

Okay, here comes the egomaniac. I can't wait for the comedy show! Seriously, I performed there once a while back and it was the most AMAZING crowd. The Shorites are soooooo there to have a good time and the shows are always a blast from the performers perspective (and, hopefully, the crowd's as well). The audience is there for you from word one. Of course, by having said all this, I have probably just totally jinxed myself.

Having just jinxed my own damn performance.

A long time ago when Dinah Shore was dating Burt Reynolds (yes, there really IS a Dinah Shore) they were on the Mike Douglas Show together and he made some off-hand joking remark about "...I've heard rumors about all you lady golfers in Palm Springs." At which, of course, the crowd laughed and Dinah blushed somewhat.
But, the lesbos heard...and the next year there were way more lesbians than previous years attending the golf tournament. And, as the saying goes, they told two friends, and so on, and so on..... That's how the lesbians started coming out and making it an annual event. A lot of people don't know that. In fact, that is such a "little known fact" because it's completely false. But, it sounded good, didn't it?

Saturday afternoon, a woman, sitting by the pool, reading a book.

Recently rated amongst the Top 10 Lesbian comics by Curve magazine and “One of the premiere comedians in the country” by the New England blade, Jennie can currently be seen on MTV Network’s LOGO channel in her second comedy special. She can also be seen as the host of her bi-weekly walking talk show, "Jennie McNulty Presents: Walking Funny With…” on the premiere lesbian website, “”.

She has traveled the world doing comedy – literally. In addition to headlining in comedy clubs all over the US and Canada, she has entertained the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bosnia, Serbia and many other bases. And, for some less dangerous excitement, she performs regularly at Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas.

Sandra Valls

When was your first Dinah?
My first dinah was 2 years ago. Can you believe?? Just 2 years ago. It was like spring break for lesbians! Why did I wait so long? I mean, Drinks, Dancing, Dining, Dildos, and dykes!! uh....Delicious!

What are you looking forward to the most about Dinah Shore?
Lots of sex with my girlfriend! Also, my girlfriend's clothing line, Dewberries will be on sale. Hot clothes for the grown and sexy! I love it! She's a vendor this year! Oh and lots of sex with my girlfriend!

What is the scariest thing thats happened to you during dinah shore?
I had to perform at a pool party at the sun. I hate the sun. And it hates me. I had to wear shorts because, well, it was freakin' hot, but my legs are so white, it's shocking. I had to slather my girlfriend's make up on my legs just to give them a little color. How embarrassing.

Name one little known fact about Dinah Shore:
Women who otherwise never have sex will definately have sex here. That's why I don't ever touch anything. I always have hand cleaner with me everywhere I go. LOL

Whats the most shocking or absurd thing you've ever seen during Dinah?
I had to do a song number at the end of a comedy show where I had to wear a fedora, a long, white men's buttow down shirt, fish net stockings and heels. I totally femmed it up. I looked hot. I looked in the mirror and thought, "Hell, I'D sleep with me!"

Georgia Ragsdale once commented, "If Margaret Cho and George Lopez had a love child, it would be Sandra Valls!"

Sandra Valls is a brash, high energy, outrageously funny, in-your-face Latina comic. Sandra performs over the country and at local comedy clubs in Los Angeles including the world-famous Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, and The Hollywood Improv and yes even at London's Comedy Camp. Her television credits include One Night Stand Up (Logo), Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen (ABC), First Amendment Comedy (Starz Network) , ComicView (BET), and Que Locos (Galavision). Recently, she was seen with Eva Longoria at the HBO Comedy Festival in Las Vegas and can been seen in her comedy special on Showtime in the spring of 2010.


1) When was your first Dinah?
Last year... I was to tipsy to recount the details of it... but fun... fun was had by all.

2) What are you looking forward to the most about Dinah Shore this year?
Salt- N- Pepper of course... ahh push it... ahh push it... what a man, what a man what a mighty good man...ahhh push it... i may be mixing up the songs... but you know what I mean... push it

3) What is the scariest thing that's happened to you during Dinah Shore weekend?
The cab driver's "lesbian book". A cab driver had a book of pictures of lesbians that he'd taken photos of for the last two years.

He was like, "Uh, can I take your picture"

and I'm all like, "Uh no."

He's like, "the ladies let me take their pictures."

I'm like "I'm not a lady, I'm a dyke."

4) Name one little known fact about Dinah Shore Weekend:
Legend has it that Dinah Shore's hit song from 1955 "Whatever Lola Wants"-which reached # 12 on the charts- was a dedication to Shore's long time "companion/ roommate" who's name was...well... Lola of course- Lola's great-great grand daughter- was one of the 7 Sisters of Dinah who attended the 1st Dinah Weekend- along with Jessica Tandy's Great-Great Granddaughter- (Tandy who incidentally was in Driving Miss Daisy- which won the oscar 20 years ago) Lola's Great-Great Grand and Tandy's Great Great Grand hooked up at the first event. After one two many Manhattans- word on the street is- LOLA's G.G.G. threw a bucket of water on Tandy's G.G.G.- and that is how the wet t-shirt contest began. Tandy's G.G.G.- had fabulous boobs!

5) What's the most shocking or absurd thing you've ever seen during Dinah Shore Weekend?
It's unmentionable... but let's just say there was a vagina and there was glitter and neither belonged to me
Gloria is a comic who lives in New York City with her Dog Niles and Cat Misu. Performing highlights include Michfest, Aqua Girl, Cambria Women's Weekend, Michigan's Lesbian and Gay Comedy Fest and New York Cities 2009 Pride. Whether it's Colleges or Comedy Clubs- Glo is a crowd favorite. You can catch her in the movie Laughing Matters Next Gen and look for her on LOGO this Spring in Afterellen's One Nite Stand-Up. She's 1/4 of the fabulous foursome Cherrybomb which can be viewed on

All these lovely ladies and more will be performing Friday night at The Dinah.

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