Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Lovely Ladies of CURVE MAGAZINE and their Soiree for the Lesbian Film Makers at Frameline

The who's who of the lesbian business world appeared en masse at last evening's CURVE MAGAZINE party in San Francisco, celebrating the lesbian film makers of the Frameline International LGBT Film Festival.

I have to say, I was thrilled to finally meet face-to-face the lovely ladies who make this magazine happen every month, and they are just as smart and nice as you'd suspect!

(picture left, Frank Mastronuzzi and entourage)

Also in attendance was the Godmother of queer cinema, Kathy Wolfe of Wolfe Video with her partner Barb, the Director of Frameline Jennifer Morris, Shirin Papillon from, Frank Mastronuzzi from the lgbt dating site, Andrea Krauss from the here! gay television network/studio, and a whole gaggle of wonderfully creative film makers from the festival.

The cuisine was my favorite - french fries and champagne! Fabs darling.

(pictured left, Kathy Wolfe and partner Barb)

The talk of the day was the festival screening of THE OWLS which was to screen after the party at the Castro. OWLS stands for Older Wiser Lesbian, and the film is the new feature film from queer cinema's grand dames of the '90's Cheryl Dunye (The Watermelon Woman) and Guinevere Turner (Go Fish). It was made by The Collaborative - which is a group of creative artists and film makers that worked together to make this low budget film happen, handmade if you will, with everyone contributing.

(pictured, Andrea Krauss from here! tv loves the latest issue!)

I was also thrilled to see the star of A MARINE STORY, the lovely and charming Dreya Weber. She's been jet setting around the world with her theatre and concert endeavors and I haven't seen her in months - other than on the Grammy program in the infamous PINK aerial number (Dreya is the aerial choreographer for PINK, as well as Cher, Britany Spears, Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT and others!)

A MARINE STORY is having it's world premiere at the Castro theatre this Saturday and we're all very excited, and a bit nervous.

Managing and Associate editors Rachel Shatto and Kristin Smith from CURVE introduced me to their new set of fresh faced interns for the mag - who all started this week! (pictured left).

I offered my own advise of how I train my interns (it's a combination of the drill Sergeant from Full Metal Jacket, and Alec Baldwin from Glengary Glen Ross), but I think they're opting for a kinder, gentler approach.

I had so many lovely conversations about films, gay rights and the like - wonderful party, fabulous peeps.

Very sedate considering I suspect this evening's big party at Orson's, hosted by Dinah Shore diva Mariah Hanson is going to be OFF THE HOOK, especially since the cast and crew of A MARINE STORY is driving up and they are a wild bunch!

Tune in tomorrow for news, dish, gossip and the censored photos from our world premiere!

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