Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meredith Baxter comes out of the closet!

Actress Meredith Baxter, best known for her roles in Family Ties and Family, was recently on that fabulous SWEET Cruise with the rest of us, but no one really wanted to mention it because of the whole NOT OUTING anyone, which the Enquirer decided to cover anyway. The tabloid story urged Baxter to appear on the Today Show today and come out to Matt Lauer.

Watch the entire interview here:


Susan Gabriel said...

I wrote a novel about a woman coming out late-in-life called Seeking Sara Summers. For these women it isn't about getting their 15 minutes of fame (a criticism of Meredith Baxter on another site), it's about getting a life. I think it takes a tremendous amount of courage to simply be who you are.

TheWeyrd1 said...

I was fortunate to have her approach little ole me to introduce herself and her girlfriend, while we were waiting on a bus for an excursion while in Belize. She was very nice.