Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Saturday of Outfest!

Hello Kittens,

Well, last night at the DGA was just fabulous.  I met the charming Sharon Gless, and audiences loved her first turn as a lesbian in Wendy Jo Carlton's HANNAH FREE.  I guess having done Cagney and Lacy, then Queer as Folk, Gless has a huge lesbian audience who has been dying to see her actually play gay!

Here's my picks for OUTFEST today.

BOYS SHORTS - Today at the DGA.  There's one short in particular that is worth seeing the entire show.  Not telling, have to see for yourself.  I'll be at the repeat of this screening on Sunday.

BEFORE STONEWALL is at noon at the Redcat.  Now, I do own this on video, but if you want to go and cry with friends... it's worth the free ticket.  This is an EXCEPTIONAL doc that every lgbt person should see.  Absolutely astonishing, really.

FRUIT FLY - I have no idea if this is good, but I'll check out any gay musical even though that statement clearly reeks of redundancy.  It's at 4 pm at the DGA.

(photo to left:  I think "Friend of Dorothy" is way too old-school and from now on, I'm going to use "Guest of Skipper" instead)

The 11th ANNUAL GONG SHOW - at the Redcat at 9:30 - I remember the day when I used to win this contest with my home made gay videos every year (circa 1999-2001)... it's still a cocktail infused, 1970's game show rip-off and hilarious blast with Adventures in the 213 author Dennis Hensley, who is currently writing for LOGO's Big Gay Sketch Show.

I however this evening will be found at 9:30 pm at the DGA to see AMERICAN PRIMITIVE which potentially could be one of the hits of the festival this year.  

It stars Tate Donovan and Adam Pascal and set in the 1970's! Donovan last did the juicy Damages with Glenn Close and Pascal is from Rent.

There'll be a party afterwards at my favorite WeHo watering hole, East/West.

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