Wednesday, June 17, 2009 Urges you to release your sex tapes in solidarity

Well, well, well... I go off for a few weeks to make a movie and look what happens.  Chastity Bono gets reassignment surgery, Dustin Lance Black has a sex video, Obama throws the LGBT community under a train and Power Up has gone bi-sexual.

Chastity Bono announced last week through her publicist Howard Bragman that she is undergoing reassignment surgery and becoming a man.  She is 40 years old and I guess this process started back in March.  All in all, everyone is supporting her.  The mom is on board and the community is thrilled to embrace a new spokesperson for the Trans all is good here.  His new name is now Chaz.  Chaz is well known in the lgbt community for his activism and came to the attention of America a few years back by appearing on a reality show.  His parents are the late Sonny Bono and the gay icon Cher. As far as I know, gay icon Barbra Streisand's gay son is still a guy.  As far as I know, gay icon Judy Garland's daughter is still a lesbian and we all wish she would just fucking admit it and stop marrying gay men.  Fashionista icon Gloria Vanderbilt also still has a gay son who still hasn't admitted he is gay even though he's been famous on CNN for years.  

On the day before accepting an award from LIFEWORKS Mentoring - an organization for LGBT youth in Los Angeles, screenshots from a sex tape Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black made a few years back with an ex boyfriend were splashed across the pages of Perez Hilton (a fellow gay)'s blog.  After Black received considerable flack from the straight press for engaging in unprotected sex, something odd and interesting happened.  Perez's fans turned on him.  I'm assuming his fan base is teenagers, and that being said, his blog was inundated with negative comments about posting these explicit photos.  Then the gay community turned on Perez. Subsequently, he took down the photos.

Meanwhile, Perez wrote a nice post about Black's speech at Lifeworks - which by the way has now officially been absorbed into the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.

In other news, the lesbian organization Power Up has gone bisexual and started accepting men! No shocker here as the non profit which has been committed to encouraging film making by and about the lgbt world has long since had men in and around their projects.  The announcement came as they announced the addition of gay men to the board (including Bruce Cohen and Allan Brocka) and also announced their 10 Amazing Gays in the Business List to go along with the 10 Amazing Lesbian List.

Power Up has produced countless lgbt short films starring the likes of Robert Gant, Jane Lynch, Megan Cavanaugh and more in addition to producing their first feature film a few years back which garnered awards at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival.  They offer grants to film makers in addition to providing resources and educational seminars.  

Speaking of transgendered, they were the first to make a great short film about this subject matter way back when with Lee Friedlander's Give or Take An Inch.  Lee went on to cocreate and exec produce LOGO's Exes and Ohs.

To find out who made their Amazing List and to find out more about the org: and/or read about it at

In other news, guess who made GO magazine's list of 100 Women We Love?  

And here I just thought I was only mildly tolerated by my peers.  Check out the whole list here:

If you're still reading this after all the links I put in this post to guide you away, I'd love for you to check out the - hold on, I have to pull a fucking cat off the keyboard.  Professional hazard, being a lesbian - anyway, check out the post about the new film I'm currently producing A MARINE STORY on

If you're in Los Angeles, stop by mixer tonight at O Bar around 7 pm and you can meet the entire cast and crew.  And give me a hug.  I've had quite a few weeks on the set ducking gun fire and battling rattlesnakes.  I'm not kidding.  Read all about it in our daily video blog, which is like a cross between Project Greenlight and I'm A Celesbian, Get Me Outta Here!  A MARINE STORY MAKING OF BLOG

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