Monday, November 19, 2007

Center Gala and Eleven Fun

An estimated 900 folks turned out Saturday night for the LA Gay & Lesbian Center's ANNIVERSARY GALA at the Hyat Regency in Century City.

The Silent Auction was just massive! Here are some CHER/Bob Mackie dolls:

Shirley MacLaine, Shirley MacLaine - oh my god -Shirley MacLaine!!!

Separated at birth?

Me and Paul C, the studio CEO that greenlit and financed my last film, SHELTER.

Lori Jean, the ED of The Center, gave a wonderful speech, as always. She is probably the best LGBT speaker in this country.
There was also a fantastic video about the work of the Center, which had the entire audience entranced, proud and cheering.

If you'd like to watch that same video, here it is:

ED, Lori Jean, on right.
Jane Lynch

Our LA Gay and Lesbian Center needs our support, especially in these times when gltb folks are being so discriminated against, with our freedoms challenged every day.
Click here to visit their web site, learn how to get involved and/or make a donation

As promised, both Jenifer Lewis and Shirley MacLaine were off the hook.

First Shirley:

Then Jenifer:

The "filth" she says she is forced to follow is of course, Mr Alec Mapa.

Alec was a fantastic host, coming out to stage each time in a different "outfit", mainly those worn by the Village People and roman gladiators.
My favorite joke of his was when he talked about the staff of Rosie's cruiseship racing around in nervous anticipation of her entrance...he called her "The Devil Wears KMart".

The Gay Men's Chorus not only performed, but received an award for their years of community service.

The head of the chorus gave a fantastic speech - Mentioning that recently whilst applying for a corporate grant, they had to check a box that asked to confirm that they were not a terrorist organization. He mentioned that in some Southern States, gay orgs are actually listed on city web sites as terrorist organizations.

This may sound funny, but please remember that Bush pulled us out of the Geneva Convention just prior to the Iraq war, so he got congress to reverse our stance on arresting, detaining and torturing anyone considered to be a terrorist. The only other countries in the world that don't abide by the Geneva convention are Iraq and China. If you follow the dots, that means that if they chose to arrest and detain members of a terrorist organization, they could.

That's all I'm saying.

To remind you of another time when the gays roamed free - singing, dancing and drinking champ (and prairie oysters) -whilst a facist regime rose to power, watch this:

And once again, if you'd like to be part of the solution:
Click here to visit the Center web site. Learn how to get involved and/or make a donation

If you need more motivation, go ahead and look at the comments left on The California Catholic Press on their article about my film SHELTER screening to teens. Lovely words from our Catholic brothers:

Click here to read Catholic News Article on SHELTER

Here I am with Tony Miros - Mr Gay Hollywood.

In keeping with the theme of raucous gay partying whilst a facist regime rises to power, after the gala I stopped by ELEVEN for 2 Degrees, the big lesbian night. It was so loud and crowded, I almost just turned around and left but then suddenly...a bottle of Moet appeared.

So I stayed! Mama can't say "no" to champ.

With Michelle Clunie from QUEER AS FOLK

(Eleven Photos by photography Faye Sadou. Thank you for sending, darling!)

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