Friday, August 17, 2007


That's the tag line for BOY CULTURE, which had it's dvd release party last Wednesday night at East/West.

Darryl Stephens, star of BOY CULTURE, casually looks out towards the West Hollywood streets as the poster looms large in the background at A DIFFERENT LIGHT bookstore.

Here I am with William, who doesn't know it yet but I am putting him in my next film!

Here's director Allan Brocka with star Derek Magyar.

I call Allan "MR GAY HOLLYWOOD" because...well, jesus...last year he produced EATING OUT 2 (which he also cowrote), Created RICK AND STEVE for LOGO and directed BOY CULTURE.

Here is journalist Greg Hernandez with OUTFEST Executive Director Stephen Gutwillig.

I just met Greg, but adore him because he gave my film, SHELTER, it's first glowing review.

Here's Allan with another of my favorite actors, Jack Plotnick (GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS, STRAIGHT JACKET, LOVESPRING INTERNATIONAL and of course, the MILK commercials!)

Allan with Mary Jo, who just did a sensational documentary on Christa McAuliff with her partner Renee. To check out her work go to:

Here I am with BOY CULTURE producer Stephen Israel.

Stephen with some of my favorite peeps, David Barrett, CURIOSITY OF CHANCE director and writer, respectively, Russell Marelau and Lisa Schahet.

Check out a trailer of their new film at:

Ya'll, if you are a lesbian (or lesbian lover) don't forget to check out the hottest new girl spot for Saturday night at ELEVEN NIGHTCLUB in West Hollywood.

The kick off will be a star studded event, this Saturday starting at 9 pm. See you there!

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